An educator and thought leader with a background in law, Chris Salamone has established a number of education-focused companies, including a successful youth leadership training enterprise. Chris Salamone is also a respected author who most recently wrote the 2011 New York Times best selling book “Rescue America: Our Best America Is Only One Generation Away.”

In the book, Salamone examines the values and leadership characteristics of America’s founding fathers, who unleashed America’s entrepreneurial instinct and encouraged countless immigrants to make the long and dangerous journey to a land of freedom. He asserts that the country is now at a crossroads and, to achieve renewed greatness, needs to shift back to foundational qualities such as sacrifice, gratitude, and a sense of personal responsibility. This ties to Salamone’s fundamental belief that “It is not just important to do well. It is equally important to do good.” “Rescue America” was published by Greenleaf Book Group Press and is available at and at bookstores nationwide. Read more about Chris Salamone and Rescue America at