A respected entrepreneur and thought leader, Chris Salamone’s belief in the importance of perseverance and work ethic extends to his personal family history. His ancestors immigrated to America from Sicily in the early 20th century. Passing through Ellis Island, Chris Salamone’s predecessors emphasized family values and a gratitude for life as they carved out a new identity and success in a new homeland.

Salamone emphasizes the idea that being successful, in and of itself, is a hollow notion. Rather, doing good is of equal importance in the ultimate “success equation.” Salamone writes about many people who achieved material success but contributed very little back to the society that fostered their ambitions. His philosophy echoes the statement of Albert Einstein, one of the world’s most famous immigrants to America, that every human being has an imperative to create significance in their life and to “leave the world a better place.” Many of these ideas are amplified and expanded in Salamone’s book “Rescue America: Our Best America Is Only One Generation Away.”