Chris Salamone is an author, attorney, and entrepreneur with a long history of philanthropic service. As part of his lifelong effort to provide academic opportunities for high-achieving middle and high school students, Mr. Salamone founded LeadAmerica and the LeadAmerica Foundation, a nonprofit organization that for more nearly 15 years sponsored a wide range of college-accredited and career-focused youth leadership and scholarship conferences and provided assistance to students and teachers.

LeadAmerica conferences continue to attract thousands of exceptionally gifted students from all 50 states and more than 50 foreign countries. For years, through international programs like GirlsLead, the LeadAmerica Foundation encouraged young people to become leaders by stressing the importance of “purpose, integrity, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.”

The LeadAmerica Foundation has also offered critical academic financial aid in the form of scholarships and classroom grants. In addition to funding student education directly, LeadAmerica has provided tens of thousands of dollars in annual educator-directed scholarships and grants. These scholarships have assisted teachers who wished to help their students by deferring the cost of various LeadAmerica programs.