Now popular in the mixed-martial arts scene, jiujitsu has a mysterious past, with historians from multiple countries who claim the fighting style as their own. Practitioner Chris Salamone explores the origins of this grappling-based martial arts, which has roots across the globe.

Some believe the earliest origins of jiujitsu can be found in the wrestling traditions of ancient Greece, where it was popularized in the Olympic games. It wasn’t until a millennium later that variations were formally taught in Japan, where it developed as its own martial art. Others claim that wrestlers in China created and developed a technique that would evolve into jiujitsu after it was taken to Japan. The mysteries surrounding jiujitsu extend beyond its country of origin and even permeate into the name itself. A quick Internet search will reveal a number of spellings for the martial art, including jiujitsu, jujitsu, and jujutsu.

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