Attorney Chris Salamone spent the early part of his 20-year career representing businesses and prominent individuals such as athletes, celebrities, and business executives. He is the founder and former CEO of LeadAmerica and the National Student Leadership Conference. Chris Salamone is also the co-founder and chairman of the board of Spartan Capital Investors, where he works with entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their business and financial goals. Entrepreneurship generally requires long hours and great sacrifices, but the rewards can be tremendous. The successful entrepreneur possesses the following characteristics:

1. Leadership. An entrepreneur is required to have strong decision-making abilities and be able to inspire and motivate people toward a common goal.
2. Self-motivation. A high-achieving entrepreneur works tirelessly to resolve the problems that confront him or her.
3. Ethics and integrity. If an entrepreneur cannot prove herself to be of high integrity, nobody will do business with her.
4. No fear of failure. All entrepreneurs must take risks in order to obtain rewards.
5. Innovation. Entrepreneurs are always coming up with new ideas or working to improve existing ones.
6. Willingness to learn. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask questions when necessary.
7. Competitive spirit. The best entrepreneurs enjoy a challenge and like to win. When they fail, they learn from the failure and move on to the next challenge. They know that winning (success) only comes the experiences and lessons learned from defeat and failure.
8. Strong Team and network of peers. Savvy entrepreneurs understand that they cannot succeed alone. They surround themselves with a team of skilled and determined people.