A lawyer for 20 years, Chris Salamone has earned experience in both corporate law and private practice. Based on strong political convictions about the past, present, and future of the United States, Chris Salamone has authored a book, Rescue America.

As set forth in his book’s opening chapter, its premise is the belief that Americans should return to the values shared by its founders: personal responsibility, gratitude, and sacrifice. The author maintains that these intangibles underlie the national debate on health care and reduced government spending, among others. Such values guided the actions of America’s founders and later waves of immigrants.

Citizenship is more than a legal status. It involves an understanding of these values and a willingness to make sacrifices for their continuation. The author cites The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an example. He declared that attaining justice was in accordance with American ideals.

Salamone argues that returning to these values in private and public life will revitalize America’s sense of destiny and enable it to return to the days of inspired leadership for the world. Interested readers can access sample chapters and make purchases at http://www.rescueamericabook.com.