Attorney Chris Salamone has dedicated many hours of his professional life to assisting rising scholars who wish to attend a quality university. With this goal in mind, Chris Salamone created and served as chief executive officer for the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC), a program of college preparation for high school students.

The NSLC offers a dynamic approach to career education that exposes students to a typical day in a professional field. They benefit from presentations by international and national leaders and persons in the creative arts. Students work in teams to practice important leadership skills as set forth in hands-on workshops. They also take part in realistic simulations of decision-making.

Living and working in a collegiate atmosphere, NSLC students get to enjoy campus life at one of eight prestigious universities. Team advisors – other undergraduate and graduate students – inform participants about the details of living and studying on campus. Partner institution American University also offers three credit hours for instruction by its faculty at an NSLC school.

The NSLC recruits students through its alumni, surveys conducted by the College Board and the American College Test (ACT), and counselors and teachers.