Attorney Chris Salamone has dedicated many hours of his professional life to assisting rising scholars who wish to attend a quality university. With this goal in mind, Chris Salamone created and served as chief executive officer for the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC), a program of college preparation for high school students.

The NSLC offers a dynamic approach to career education that exposes students to a typical day in a professional field. They benefit from presentations by international and national leaders and persons in the creative arts. Students work in teams to practice important leadership skills as set forth in hands-on workshops. They also take part in realistic simulations of decision-making.

Living and working in a collegiate atmosphere, NSLC students get to enjoy campus life at one of eight prestigious universities. Team advisors – other undergraduate and graduate students – inform participants about the details of living and studying on campus. Partner institution American University also offers three credit hours for instruction by its faculty at an NSLC school.

The NSLC recruits students through its alumni, surveys conducted by the College Board and the American College Test (ACT), and counselors and teachers.


A lawyer for 20 years, Chris Salamone has earned experience in both corporate law and private practice. Based on strong political convictions about the past, present, and future of the United States, Chris Salamone has authored a book, Rescue America.

As set forth in his book’s opening chapter, its premise is the belief that Americans should return to the values shared by its founders: personal responsibility, gratitude, and sacrifice. The author maintains that these intangibles underlie the national debate on health care and reduced government spending, among others. Such values guided the actions of America’s founders and later waves of immigrants.

Citizenship is more than a legal status. It involves an understanding of these values and a willingness to make sacrifices for their continuation. The author cites The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an example. He declared that attaining justice was in accordance with American ideals.

Salamone argues that returning to these values in private and public life will revitalize America’s sense of destiny and enable it to return to the days of inspired leadership for the world. Interested readers can access sample chapters and make purchases at

The founder and CEO of Chris M. Salamone & Associates, Chris Salamone possesses 20 years of experience overseeing a law firm with a broad client base including corporations, executives, and professional athletes. Chris Salamone is also the founder and former CEO of the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC), an intensive, hands-on summer course for high school students from around the world. During the NSLC sessions, participants live on a college campus and engage in interactive leadership workshops related to their career field of interest. An extensive range of career-specific programs are offered by NSLC, including a law and advocacy program for those students interested in entering the legal profession.

The core of the NSLC law and advocacy program is a mock trial through which students learn litigation techniques in a simulated courtroom proceeding. Each student in the program works with a team of peers to prepare a case that will be argued before a judge. Participants are responsible for all elements of the judicial process, from initial research of the evidence and witness preparation to courtroom examination of witnesses and argument of their case.

Students in the NSLC law program also take part in discussions with guest speakers, which include members of the Department of Justice, attorneys, and other knowledgeable legal professionals. Among the speakers at the 2014 session will be U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter and Mike Lakey of Mayer Brown, LLP. In addition to these guest seminars, students receive college-level lectures delivered by practicing lawyers on topics such as direct examination, evidentiary procedure, and witness preparation.

Field trips to sites of educational importance to the law profession make up another component of the NSLC law program. This summer, the law and advocacy program will be held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, and American University in Washington, DC. Sites visited by students at Yale will include the federal and state courthouses and Yale Law School. American University students will visit the Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court.

Currently serving as CEO of the law firm Chris M. Salamone & Associates, Chris Salamone has also authored several works on law and leadership, such as the Law School Success lecture series and, most recently, Rescue America. His past experience includes service on the boards of several organizations including the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers (FFCDC). With two locations in Boca Raton, Florida, FFCDC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing child care programs for children from low-income households. One such program is the FFCDC Sumer Camp.

The FFDC Sumer Camp operates from June through August at both the Team East and Team West locations. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 can participate in the Summer Camp program for up to 10 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Enrollment in the camp requires payment of an initial $30 registration fee, as well as a weekly sliding scale fee of $70 to $120 to be assessed according to family size and income. Any families lacking the means to make the minimum weekly payment are considered for potential subsidies and a waiver of the registration fee.

Children attending the FFCDC Summer Camp engage in a diverse range of activities, including physical recreation, social skill development, and academic instruction. The Bullying and Second Step course is provided through the Palm Beach County Literacy Program (PBLC) and teaches children techniques for conflict resolution. The PBLC-developed Kidz Math and Kidz Lit reading programs constitute the primary academic curricula taught at the camp. Additionally, through the East/West Campus Pen Pal exchange, campers read stories and share letters about these stories with a correspondent at the opposite campus. Outside of the classroom, children play outdoor sports, swim, and take field trips to sites such as the Palm Beach Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, and Coconut Cove Water Park.

A diverse, mulitlingual staff of FFCDC counselors supervises and instructs the children. Moreover, the camper-to-counselor ratio never exceeds 15 to 1. In compliance with safety standards, all counselors are trained in CPR and AED.

Chris Salamone founded the law firm of Chris M. Salamone & Associates in 1994 and continues to serve as its chair and CEO. He also has extensive experience operating leadership development programs for young people, most notably The National Student Leadership Conference and LeadAmerica, which he founded in 2001 and served as CEO until 2009.

Chris Salamone enjoys several recreational and athletic activities, including the ancient art of Jujutsu. For years Chris Salamone has studied Miyama Ryu Combat Jujutsu, named for a street in the South Bronx. Antonio Pereira, who learned hand-to-hand combat in the U.S. Army, began developing the martial art as a soldier in World War II. After the war, he studied how street criminals attacked their victims with the goal of developing practical systems people could use to defend themselves.

Pereira opened the Combato martial arts school in 1960 on Tremont Avenue in the South Bronx. There he taught an amalgam of many traditional martial arts styles as well as the defense techniques he had developed.

Continuing his own training, he traveled to Japan in 1962 to immerse himself in established schools and styles and learn from masters. After earning honors in Japan that are rarely bestowed upon Westerners, Pereira returned to Tremont Avenue and began to teach a form of Samurai self-defense as well-suited to the dangerous streets of urban America as to the hillsides of feudal Japan. This style incorporated elements of karate, judo,aikido and other eastern martial arts with boxing and American-style street fighting. He formally named the style Miyama Ryu Jujutsu in 1964. Miyama is a Japanese word meaning “three mountains” in English, which translates to French as “tremont.”

Noted attorney, entrepreneur, and author Chris Salamone began writing Rescue America in 2010, when many people thought the nation’s future looked bleak. His original purpose in writing the book was to develop a leadership manual young Americans could use as a guide to lead the restoration of American greatness, but as the book took shape, Chris Salamone found Rescue America becoming an exploration of American leadership principles.

Rescue America identifies three principles which underlie the nation’s formation and ascent to greatness and have characterized its leadership. These principles are gratitude, personal responsibility, and sacrifice.

Presented in three sections, Rescue America first studies the state of affairs that the Founding Fathers intended the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to address. The new nation would be a land where people’s potential for achievement would be limited only by their imagination and ambition. And since the time of the nation’s founding, the three leadership principles have always been displayed in her leaders’ words and actions.

The book’s second section focuses on America’s decline into a society characterized by an attitude of entitlement, an attitude incompatible with the great principles of leadership. It further asserts that America’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders, are being shortchanged by an education system that does not prepare them to make meaningful contributions to America’s economy when they leave school.

Rescue America’s third section, What Americans Can Do For America, urges citizens to once again value personal initiative and responsibility. Rescue America holds out the promise that the nation is only one generation away from new heights of greatness and extends the warning that it may also be but one generation removed from the worst America has ever been.

An educator and thought leader with a background in law, Chris Salamone has established a number of education-focused companies, including a successful youth leadership training enterprise. Chris Salamone is also a respected author who most recently wrote the 2011 New York Times best selling book “Rescue America: Our Best America Is Only One Generation Away.”

In the book, Salamone examines the values and leadership characteristics of America’s founding fathers, who unleashed America’s entrepreneurial instinct and encouraged countless immigrants to make the long and dangerous journey to a land of freedom. He asserts that the country is now at a crossroads and, to achieve renewed greatness, needs to shift back to foundational qualities such as sacrifice, gratitude, and a sense of personal responsibility. This ties to Salamone’s fundamental belief that “It is not just important to do well. It is equally important to do good.” “Rescue America” was published by Greenleaf Book Group Press and is available at and at bookstores nationwide. Read more about Chris Salamone and Rescue America at

A respected entrepreneur and thought leader, Chris Salamone’s belief in the importance of perseverance and work ethic extends to his personal family history. His ancestors immigrated to America from Sicily in the early 20th century. Passing through Ellis Island, Chris Salamone’s predecessors emphasized family values and a gratitude for life as they carved out a new identity and success in a new homeland.

Salamone emphasizes the idea that being successful, in and of itself, is a hollow notion. Rather, doing good is of equal importance in the ultimate “success equation.” Salamone writes about many people who achieved material success but contributed very little back to the society that fostered their ambitions. His philosophy echoes the statement of Albert Einstein, one of the world’s most famous immigrants to America, that every human being has an imperative to create significance in their life and to “leave the world a better place.” Many of these ideas are amplified and expanded in Salamone’s book “Rescue America: Our Best America Is Only One Generation Away.”

Attorney Chris Salamone spent the early part of his 20-year career representing businesses and prominent individuals such as athletes, celebrities, and business executives. He is the founder and former CEO of LeadAmerica and the National Student Leadership Conference. Chris Salamone is also the co-founder and chairman of the board of Spartan Capital Investors, where he works with entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their business and financial goals. Entrepreneurship generally requires long hours and great sacrifices, but the rewards can be tremendous. The successful entrepreneur possesses the following characteristics:

1. Leadership. An entrepreneur is required to have strong decision-making abilities and be able to inspire and motivate people toward a common goal.
2. Self-motivation. A high-achieving entrepreneur works tirelessly to resolve the problems that confront him or her.
3. Ethics and integrity. If an entrepreneur cannot prove herself to be of high integrity, nobody will do business with her.
4. No fear of failure. All entrepreneurs must take risks in order to obtain rewards.
5. Innovation. Entrepreneurs are always coming up with new ideas or working to improve existing ones.
6. Willingness to learn. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask questions when necessary.
7. Competitive spirit. The best entrepreneurs enjoy a challenge and like to win. When they fail, they learn from the failure and move on to the next challenge. They know that winning (success) only comes the experiences and lessons learned from defeat and failure.
8. Strong Team and network of peers. Savvy entrepreneurs understand that they cannot succeed alone. They surround themselves with a team of skilled and determined people.

Chris Salamone is an author, attorney, and entrepreneur with a long history of philanthropic service. As part of his lifelong effort to provide academic opportunities for high-achieving middle and high school students, Mr. Salamone founded LeadAmerica and the LeadAmerica Foundation, a nonprofit organization that for more nearly 15 years sponsored a wide range of college-accredited and career-focused youth leadership and scholarship conferences and provided assistance to students and teachers.

LeadAmerica conferences continue to attract thousands of exceptionally gifted students from all 50 states and more than 50 foreign countries. For years, through international programs like GirlsLead, the LeadAmerica Foundation encouraged young people to become leaders by stressing the importance of “purpose, integrity, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.”

The LeadAmerica Foundation has also offered critical academic financial aid in the form of scholarships and classroom grants. In addition to funding student education directly, LeadAmerica has provided tens of thousands of dollars in annual educator-directed scholarships and grants. These scholarships have assisted teachers who wished to help their students by deferring the cost of various LeadAmerica programs.